•  The 2020 Census can be completed either online at

    www.my2020census.gov or over the phone by dialing

    1-844-330-2020.  The deadline is September 30.

  • Port Outdoors Dine & Shop Schedule

    Upper Main St./Port Commons: Oct. 1

    Middle and Lower Main Street: Sept. 24

  • Board of Directors

  • Board Of Directors

    President: Mitch Schwartz

    1st Vice President: Debbie Greco Cohen

    2nd Vice President: Catherine O’Neill

    3rd Vice President: Katherine Crean

    Secretary: David Heller

    Treasurer: Kathy Levinson


    Giuseppe DiBartolomeo

    Lisa Donatelli

    Beth Michalson Fiore

    William Gordon

    Anthony Guzzello

    Ayhan Hassan

    Chrissy Kiernan

    Carl Lalena

    Justine Lennon

    Ken Magida

    Marie Marcellino

    Selwyn “Jerry” Rudnick

    Drina Scheiber

    Warren Schein

    Laurie Scheinman

    Jeff Stone


    Accountant: Kevin Schmutz, CPA

    Attorney: Kenneth R. Tuch, Esq.

  • Upcoming Events