• Kathy Levinson - Coldwell Banker


  • Kathy Levinson - Coldwell Banker
  • Kathy Levinson, Ph.D., LRES, CBR

    Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


    Tell us about your business:

    I made the transition into real estate 16 years ago after a long career as a family psychologist. Of course, I’m still a psychologist, but now I wear a different hat – Realtor. Real estate was a good decision for me because I love being face-to-face with people. I enjoy the process of helping sellers get to the next point in their lives and I love the excitement for buyers when they find their home.

    Over 95 percent of my real estate business is by referral. Whenever someone refers me to a friend, colleague or family member, I consider it to be the very best kind of compliment.


    What tip can you share with someone just starting out in the business:

    The very best advice I can give to anyone is to strive to build relationships in an authentic way. Stay in contact and demonstrate that you care. Make that extra effort to say thank you or better yet – write a personal note.


    What do you like most about the community of Port Washington:

    Without a doubt, I believe that Port Washington is one of the greatest towns anyone could live in because it is a true town. Port Washington has a heart that you can feel and see through its community and all the people that call it home. And who can ever tire of our beautiful harbor – no matter what the weather, it always brightens my day.


    What would people be surprised to know about you:

    I think most people would be surprised to know about my dedication to martial arts. It plays a central role in my life for my physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Martial arts challenges me, but it also gives me focus, discipline and courage. Courage in business. Courage in life.