Compiled by the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Port Washington BID

    Check each restaurant’s website or call the restaurant number for more information.

    Ale’Port, 611 Port Wash. Blvd., 708-1264                  3:30 – 8PM

    Amalfi, 49 Old Shore Rd., 883-4191

    Ayhan’s Mediterranean Market, 293 Main St., 767-1400     takeout, delivery

    Ayhan’s Shish Kebab, 283 Main St., 883-9309          12PM – 8:30PM Sun. – Thurs.; 12PM – 9PM Fri. & Sat.; Free delivery plus takeout and curbside pickup

    Bareburger, 42 Main St., 708-9920                            12- 8PM

    Bellissimo, 18 Soundview Marketplace, 439-5152     takeout

    Bistro Etc., 438 Main St, 472-7780                             15% off food and alcohol orders over $50

    Bosphorus Café Grill, 138 Shore Rd., 321-9999         11AM – 9PM

    Boychik’s, 900 PW Blvd, 918-9444                                takeout

    Cactus Café, 19 Old Shore Rd., 570-6060                  takeout, delivery

    DiMaggio’s, 706 Port Wash. Blvd., 944-6363          11AM - 8P

    Diwan, 37 Shore Rd., 439-4200

    Domino’s, 147 Main St., 944-5500                         takeout, delivery

    Dynasty, 405 Main St., 883-4100                           takeout, delivery

    Finn MacCool’s, 205 Main St., 944-3439                 takeout, delivery

    Frank’s Pizza                                                                11AM – 8PM contact-less delivery/pickup, 883-9390

    Gino’s Pizza, 48 Main St., 944-0276                       takeout, delivery

    Harbor Deli, 304 Main St., 883-9597             5AM to 9PM takeout & parking lot pickup; 6AM to 8PM for delivery special offer spend 25 dollars & receive a $5.00 gift card on your next purchase; 10% off for all seniors
    Harbor Deli Too, 35 Old Shore Rd., 883-8877  5AM to 9PM takeout & parking lot pickup; 6AM to 8PM for delivery special offer spend 25 dollars & receive a $5.00 gift card on your next purchase; 10% off for all seniors

    Haven Diner, 6 Haven Ave., 883-5252                       8AM – 6PM

    Hickory’s BBQ, 674 PW Blvd, 883-7174                    takeout/delivery

    Hinck's Deli, 666 Port Was. Blvd., 883-3730             6AM - 6PM  takeout

    La Parma on the Bay, 415 Main St., 439-4960           takeout

    La Piccola Liguria, 47 Shore Rd, 767-6490                    takeout

    La P’tite Framboise, 294 Main St., 767-7164             3 to 9 PM

    Let There Be Bagels, 475 PW Blvd, 944-8822             takeout

    Louie’s, 395 Main St., 883-4242         12-8PM  regular menu with a 20% discount;  $15 two course lunch special; $20 two course dinner special

    Margarita’s Café, 95 Manorhaven Blvd.;                   12 – 10PM

    Mojito’s, 109D Main St., 439-4667                 takeout

    Mole Mole, 73 Main St., 321-9797                takeout

    Narinatto, 5B Irma Ave., 883-1913                11AM-8:30PM Mon-Sat (free delivery is available after 5PM)

    Pepe Rosso, 24 Manorhaven Blvd., 944-9477    11:00AM – 9:30PM Sun. – Thurs.; Fri. & Sat. 11AM – 10:15PM

    Port Thai Place, 24B Main St., 883-3940                    Tues. & Wed. 4 - 8:30PM; Thurs. & Fri. 12 – 8:30PM; Sat. & Sun. 2:30 – 8:30PM

    Restaurant Yamaguchi, 49 Main.  St., 883-3500        lunch and dinner

    Saint Honore, 993 Port Wash. Blvd., 767-2555          takeout

    Salvatore’s Coal Oven Pizza, 124 Shore Rd.   Delivery available weekday lunches until 3:30pm through door dash or Uber Eats. Pick up Tues-Thursday 11:30am-8/9pm Friday and Saturday from 11:30am-9/10pm and Sunday from 2pm-8pm.

    The Schmear, 83 Main St., 439-4077                         takeout

    Smashburger, 975 Port Wash. Blvd., 439-4736        takeout

    Steiner’s Bakery, 148 Main St., 612-9730                   takeout

    Sullivan’s Quay, 541 Port Wash. Blvd. 883-3122        3 – 8PM                 

    Toscanini, 179 Main St, 944-0755, 10% off takeout/delivery

    Tropical Smoothie Café, 11 Old Shore Rd., 441-5150            takeout

    Tutto Burger, 24 Manorhaven Blvd, 944-9477           delivery (call GrubHub)

    Uncle Buck’s Country Deli, 15 Rockwood Ave, 767-8833       takeout

    Toscanini, 179 Main St., 944-075                               12 – 8PM takeout or delivery

    Waterzooi, 1029 PW Blvd, 472-7484                          takeout/delivery

    Wild Goose, 75 Main St., 441-5505                            12 – 9PM free delivery; 10% off food 25% all alcohol

    Yummy Gyro, 82 Main St., 708-9020                          takeout


  • Lisa Donatelli - Douglas Elliman Real Estate


  • Douglas-Elliman-Logo-(3)-w542.jpg
  • Lisa-Donatelli-headshotX2.jpg
  • 1.  Tell us about your business. Where are you located and how long have you been there? 

    I am a full-time real estate agent with Douglas Elliman Real Estate, affiliated with both the Port Washington and Manhasset offices since 2013. I help people find the next right home for them, anywhere in the USA and beyond- although mostly on the North Shore.


    2. Why did you choose to open your business in Port Washington?

    In addition to loving this area, I was tired of commuting to Manhattan. 


    3. How does your business stand apart from others? 

    Having had former careers as a registered representative/investment advisor, mortgage broker, and teacher, I have had a lot of experience keeping drama to a minimum and results to a maximum. Plus, I am married to a real estate attorney so I have been hearing war stories for many years, and am aware of pitfalls that not every agent knows. 


    4. What would you like people to know about your business? 

    In particular, Douglas Elliman is a well-organized company that supports its salespeople with copious education and a strong referral network across the country as well as worldwide, easing your search for a home anywhere. Locally, agents are important because we find the right buyers for sellers, and we save buyers time by vetting homes in advance. We aid negotiations and follow up, bringing resources and parties together to make a sale happen.  Two other things: Agents don't set sales prices; the market does. Second, absolutely every property will sell- at the right price. 


    5. What tip can you share with someone just starting out in the business? 

    No matter what, make at least 5 new prospecting calls 5 days a week and follow up. Get appointments. You should work with others at least in the beginning to acquire expertise. 


    6. What do you like most about Port Washington?

    It's an easy place to live because of the train line, highly-rated schools and cultural centers like the Landmark Theater, the PW Library, Sands Point Preserve and the wonderful golf and yacht clubs. However, I mostly love my friends here, and the true concern and active civic spirit I have experienced. 


    7. Why do you support the Port Washington Chamber of Commerce? 

    In a time of great challenges for commercial and retail business, The PWCOC exemplifies civic spirit by creating networking opportunities and running big events like the SOUPerbowl (Feb 1) and Harborfest (June 7). Many who join the PWCOC are creative and welcoming people who care about the welfare of Port Washington and our larger Long Island community.


    8. What would people be surprised to know about you?

    I come from a family of musicians and am a vocalist in a cover rock and roll band, the South Bay Salty Dogs. We performed last year at Harborfest 2019. We started out singing on the back of a sailboat in 2007 and the rest is history. Many of us happen to be sailors, an activity I highly recommend. Once you experience boating on Long Island Sound, you will never want to stop.