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  • Do you specialize exclusively in mathematics?

    Yes, since our inception, we have been dedicated to delivering the world's premier after-school mathematics program. Our focused approach means better results.


    Will my child receive face-to-face instruction?

    That's the only way we work There are no group lectures or classes. We encourage engagement and questions - they help your child learn.


    How do you help students?

    We build mastery layer by layer, engaging students with challenging material that develops number sense, mental math ability, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.


    How will you address my child's specific learning needs?

    After our comprehensive assessment process your child receives a fully customized learning plan. Our math experts tailor their instruction to their individual learning needs and style.


    Who develops your curriculum?

    Mathnasium education experts create proprietary curriculum specifically for our unique approach. We don't use off-the-shelf materials designed for classroom-style learning.


    Will my child enjoy attending?

     Yes, students love our engaging instructors, the thrill of solving problems and the exhilaration of accomplishment. Our reward incentives and in-center activities help make Mathnasium a favorite destination.


    How does this approach compare with private tutoring?

    Unlike private tutors, our curriculum and methodology have been proven through the success of hundreds of thousands of students. Backed by the extensive training and resources of a global organization, our instructors provide better instruction, typically at a lower cost.


    Will you help my child with their math homework?

    Yes, we can set aside time during sessions specifically for homework help. This takes the burden off parents and helps keep your child on track in school.


    Will you give my child homework?

    No, all learning occurs under the efficient and effective guidance of our trained instructors. Adding homework would risk frustration and overload.